Why the name…Sassy Talk?

One day when my boys were using bad sayings (you know the dreaded words a mom never wants to hear, i.e. stupid, hate, I’m telling on you…) I would simply say, “Don’t use that Sassy Talk”   The phrase became all too common around our house…and seemed appropriate for our  vinyl lettering/home craft decor business.

I say “our” vinyl business, since it’s definitely a family affair.  My husband, Curt cuts the wood and vinyl, our boys help pick out 2 x 4’s and I do the embellishing, “blinging,” designing and decorating.

I have posted pictures and samples-but keep in mind, most everything can be personalized with various colors, fonts and sizes.  I appreciate the referrals from my customers, friends and family.  So please forward this updated website to any friends and family that you think might enjoy this new home CRAZE!

Thanks for visiting …