Sassy Talk FAQ

•    Will my vinyl adhere to all surfaces?
Your vinyl lettering and graphics will adhere to most surfaces (lightly textured interior walls, glass, porcelain, metal), but will not adhere well to stucco or other roughly textured surfaces.

•    How can I clean my vinyl?
Your vinyl can be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth. It will not become damaged from cleaning.

•    How do I remove my vinyl?
When you are ready to remove your vinyl from your walls or other surfaces, gently pull it off with a pair of tweezers. Vinyl that has been in place for long periods of time may need to be slightly heated with a blow dryer before removing.

•    Can I reuse my vinyl after removing it?
No. Once the vinyl has been used on one surface, it should not be removed and used again.

•    Will I need to apply each letter of my quote individually?
No. Your lettering will come pre-spaced, so that you will be able to apply it all at once.

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