Sassy Talk Installation

Directions for applying vinyl lettering

1)    Make sure the surface you are applying the lettering to is clean.  Dirt and dust particles will cause the vinyl to bubble and not adhere properly.

2)    Make sure you have marked in some way exactly where you want the vinyl to be applied.  The lettering is extremely sticky, especially to a high gloss surface, so it does not allow for repositioning.

3)    Carefully peel the transfer tape off of the backing.  The lettering will stick to the transfer tape.  Be careful that the transfer tape doesn’t roll back on itself and stick to the vinyl lettering.

4)    Gently apply the transfer tape/lettering to the surface.  Smooth flat with your hands, working from the center outwards.  Then vigorously rub the lettering with a hard surface (credit card, rubber squeegee or something similar) do not use metal.

5)    Carefully start from one end and pull the transfer tape back slowly.  The vinyl lettering should remain adhered to the surface.  If not, replace the transfer tape and rub again until the lettering is sufficiently adhered.